Produkter Hund Pälsvård Moser klippmaskiner Wahl Avalon hästklippmaskin

Wahl Avalon hästklippmaskin

Produktkod: 1290-0471
Erittäin tehokas klipperi koko hevosen klippaamiseen. Toimii akulla. Toimintaaika 2,5 h
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239,00 €



Battery pack with 33 Wh NiMH up to 200 min of clipping power with no power cable
Super Sharp: chrome-plated diamond-ground stainless steel blade set „Made in Germany“ with 2.3 mm cutting length and excellent gliding properties for effortless, precision clipping
The blade set can be unhinged with a single movement for easy changing and cleaning comfort
Flexibility: Slip the battery pack into the practical carrying belt for maximum working flexibility - for greater safety and comfort during clipping